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Great Bookham Equestrian Centre offers a full range of livery services in a 'friendly professional' yard. Our no. 1 priority is, of course, your horse's care and we pride ourselves on our standards of management, but we also remember that you are an individual and want to enjoy your time with your horse.

Horse Care & Management
Our yard routine centres around horses' particular needs - feeding can be once a day or up to 4 times, hay can be wet or dry, ad lib or restricted, bedding is dust free, overnight turnout is possible, grooming can be thorough or minimal, rugging is done according to the daily weather conditions and quirks are catered for.

We offer a comprehensive range of feeds, including cooling, high energy, high fibre, conditioning and convalescent diets. Turnout is daily all year round, in pairs or individually. Our ground drains incredibly well so we don't need to restrict winter grazing and your horse won't be left standing knee deep in mud!

Horse health is important so we turn all our horses out daily, keep feet in good health, feed according to work and body condition, offer wet hay or haylage for respiratory problem horses and all horses at GBEC must be vaccinated for 'flu & tetanus and herpes.

Staff & Liveries
Our team of staff each look after 'their own' horses, so they know all the intricate details about your horse's needs. All staff undergo regular training to make sure they continually improve their skills and keep up-to-date with the latest knowledge. The GBEC team effort is co-ordinated by regular staff meetings to make sure the yard routine continues to run smoothly and provide the best possible horse and customer care. The yard is well known for our friendly and inclusive attitude - our liveries enjoy spending time at the yard and regularly take part in social events. We have a great mix of livery owners - from happy hackers to serious competitors, both unaffiliated and affiliated, in every discipline.

Facilities include 3 schools, one indoor with brand new 'Martin Collins' waxed sand surface, an outdoor 20x40m sand and rubber surface and another outdoor 20x60m sand surface, 2 jumping paddocks, cross country jumps, fantastic hacking with no need for roadwork and 80 acres of pasture that drains incredibly well. We offer full, part and DIY livery. We have expert staff living on-site 24/7, 365! 

As we all need to be mindful of security these days we have a full alarm system covering the tack room, rug and equipment storage areas, offices and rest rooms. The system includes door contacts, room sensors, movement sensors and some very heavy duty padlocks! On-site staff respond any time an alarm is set off no matter what time of the night, the alarmed buildings have never been compromised and we do know about every wayward spider!

We offer full support and in-house instructors, although we also welcome freelance teachers by arrangement. Any vet, farrier, dentist, saddler and therapist is welcome. 

Types of Livery
We offer full, part and DIY livery. Full livery is a comprehensive service including all daily care, full daily grooming, trimming as necessary, daily exercising and twice-weekly tack cleaning. Part livery includes all daily care:  turnout, mucking out, catching in, feet pick out, re-rug as necessary and of course, feed, hay and bedding. In addition you can book for individual exercising or full grooming and if you go on holiday, you can 'upgrade' to full livery while you're away and we'll take care of everything. DIY includes use of a stable and field and use of all facilities. We assist DIYs regularly by turning out and catching in and are happy to take full care of your horse while you're on holiday.

Great Bookham Show Centre is a busy summer showground, providing competition in dressage, show jumping and 'eventers challenges' as well as a full range of clinics with renowned instructors. We welcome all types of competitor from first time through to those wanting to qualify for national championships. We offer a vast range of chances to qualify for all sorts of championships in every discipline.

We don't mind if you're a grand prix rider or a happy hacker, as far as we're concerned all horses deserve first rate care and all owners are actually real people! If you're interested in joining our stables, please contact Rebecca on 07957 224205 to discuss your needs and arrange a yard visit.

Great Bookham Equestrian Centre in the snow February 2009